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Kevin and Lateefah need our financial support to get through these next 6 months.

In less than two months, Kevin will undergo a bone marrow transplant. The hospitalization for the chemo and transplant process can be up to 3 months long. This is followed by an additional 3 months at home. Neither Kevin or Lateefah will be able to work through this period; but the childcare, rent, transportation and other costs will continue to mount. They will need our financial help to get through this time. Please give today to support them through this next difficult phase.


An Update on Kevin’s Health and on the Weston-Simon Family Journey

[written by Lateefah - February 25, 2013]

Our family is gearing up for the next phase of our adventure. After a brief remission, living cancer cells were detected in Kevin’s lab work and given the super aggressive nature of this disease, he has been placed on an intensive chemo cocktail.  Kevin has been on a non-stop chemo regimen since September 19th, with a couple of days off here and there.  The hope is that the new 7 day a week cocktail will kill the diseased marrow – providing the opportunity to move forward with a stem cell/bone marrow transplant. While we have not found a perfect match, we now know that both of Kevin’s half-brothers are haplo matches, or half matches.  Additionally, the doctors are exploring the possibility of doing a cord blood transplant.

Now, we wait for the optimal response from the chemo treatments and plan for the uncertainty of tomorrow. On March 4th, we travel to Seattle, Washington – to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center for an evaluation. Fred Hutch is the nation’s leader in alternative donor therapies for bone marrow transplants. If Kevin is accepted, we will ride out into the Seattle sunset on faith with a couple of suitcases in pursuit of a treatment to cure this cancer. The transplant process is estimated to be four to five months long.

Our “new normal” is at times heartbreaking. Our lives have changed forever. Lelah plays with her dad while he’s in an infusion chair each day. She points to meds and exclaims “for daddy”.  Despite the difficulties, we count our blessings each day.  Blessings have come from far and wide – but an honorable mention, Ayoka Turner, our dear friend has been a touchstone for us.  Ayoka took off two months from her job to spark and lead a national campaign to increase the number of people of color in the national bone marrow registry. Not only did she put together over 20 donor drives, but she pulled together over one hundred volunteers to do everything from staff the drives,  to planning our vows renewal. Our friends, family and community have been amazing. This community has prayed for, visited and fundraised for us. Without the love, we wouldn’t have had the resources or spirit to stay in this fight.  Thanks will never be enough.